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Páris Clinics

Páris Clinics is a renowned plastic surgery clinic, located in the center of Lisbon, near Marquês de Pombal. This client approached us through social media, with the idea that Abstra Studios could help them transfer their domain to a new server and consequently restructure and create a multilingual website, where their clients could interact with the brand and review services that might be relevant.


Páris Clinics




Websites & Online Stores

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O Desafio

Rebuilding the website from scratch, as the client had their website hosted on Wix, and wanted to terminate the subscription. When rebuilding the website, it would also have to be restructured, as there were parts that would be deleted and others added. Finally, the new website would have to improve the client’s digital workflow.

A Solução

A new server, supporting a multilingual website. The online store was eliminated, recategorizing the solution created into an informative corporate website. The website was restructured in order to funnel interested people to the most appropriate contact channels, passing also through the service pages. Finally, a chatbot for Facebook was elaborated, with the intention of relieving the company in the part of customer support and more recurring questions.