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Original Projects

Introducing Original Projects, a client from the UK, who came to us with an interesting business idea: to buy aircraft parts that are out of circulation and convert them into unique pieces of furniture. But to launch such an idiosyncratic project, it was understood that an online presence with e-commerce would be very interesting, since a physical store would have little impact due to the niche in which the business is located.


Original Projects




Websites & Online Stores

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O Desafio

Creating an online presence that would favor such a detailed niche business. The client when they approached us, had nothing, no logo or visual identity. Therefore, we had a lot of creative freedom to elevate the business.

A Solução

A complete online store, using a color palette that gives the idea of renown, professionalism and sophistication. The solution is integrated into an automation ecosystem, so that the customer does not waste time with time-consuming tasks and can dedicate himself to other aspects of his business.